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What do you see when you look at the clouds

As children, nothing beats lying on the green grass with friends grazing aimlessly at the sky above. Recounting the open expanse of the sky with clouds floating with shapes of the fantasy of our mind. Recalling the cloud shapes from elephants to castles and even ghosts. It was days of make-believe with everything was so real. They gave comfort and had a presence in life, stealing a glance at the sky’s while going to school or returning back one could see the beautiful animals above walking with us high above in the sky. 

Clouds had been our companions since the days we had lots of time on hand as studies were never the sole aim in our childhood those days. The days were more fun and games. We had more time to stand and stare.

 Since the dawn of air travel, as folk singer Joni Mitchell sang, we’ve looked at clouds from both sides now, but somehow we still don’t know clouds at all. Her words were true in 1969, and they are still true today.

Clouds might seem a familiar part of our lives. In fact, they are one of the least-understood aspects of our environment. they have remained a mystery for scientists who study the clouds to predict rains. 

Despite the critical role they play in the planet’s water cycle and heating patterns, scientists are often still baffled by how and why clouds behave the way they do. This uncertainty is the main reason climate research remains an imperfect science. Researchers just can’t say for sure how clouds are going to react to a warming environment, and that means they can’t make exact predictions about how the world will be affected by climate change. 

Clouds remain a mystery and we even have Rain Gods in Hinduism, who govern adequate rains. There cannot be fewer rains or more rains as both cause problems. there are hymns or Mantras to propitiate Rain God.

Breaking open the cloud You create the channels (for rain)!
You strike fast the mammoth cloud!
Oh, Indra! You cast open the mountain of cloud making the showers, destroying the darkness!

A cloudy day

Joni Mitchell famously sang about the mysteries of clouds in 1969

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